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Anatomy of a Yellow Ticket

You are now part of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), an organization that has been the gold standard in the electrical industry for over 125 years.

Over these years we have started many traditions that show our pride in our membership. These traditions start with our Dues Receipt also known as our Yellow Ticket.

  1. Paid Through Date: This is the last month for which your dues are paid.
  2. Death Benefit Fund #: When a brother or sister dies, we each pay $8.00 to help the family. Each death has its own number. This shows the last number for which you paid.
  3. Local Number: Local 520, Austin, TX
  4. Card Number: This is your unique identifying number in the IBEW.
  5. Classification: This is your “status” in the IBEW. Your classification sets your pay rate.