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August President’s Report

Aug 16, 2022 | President, Recent News

Brothers and Sisters,

IBEW Local Union 520 just sent 12 Sisters and Brothers to the 2022 YALL Summit. Texas AFL-CIO YALL, which is one of the best acronyms in the Labor Movement, stands for Young Active Labor Leaders. According to the website “YALL was formed to unite our generations workers and activists to build a strong movement of motivated workers.” This year’s YALL Summit has the tagline “Educate. Agitate. Mobilize” Education is the main reason we send Sisters and Brothers to conferences, summits, and conventions. This is important to achieving our common goals as Union workers.

Local 520 will also be sending Sisters to the Texas AFL-CIO Women’s Summit in September. We send the top apprentice to the 7th District Progress Meeting each year, young workers to the RENEW Conference, Sisters and Brothers to the EWMC Conference and the Labor Notes Conference. We hold training sessions for Negotiations, COPE, and Union Stewards. All this is done to educate and energize the membership.

Conferences, conventions, and summits have informative panels and workshops that teach Labor Movement history and best practices for today’s challenges. This year, the YALL Summit had workshops and panels such as Growing Green Jobs in Texas, Creating a Union, Mobilization: Taking Action and Engaging Union Members, Growing Through Apprenticeships & Trade Organizing, 1:1 Conversations: Relationship Building, Organizing, and Agitating to Build Solidarity. These gatherings also allow for open dialogue where participants can share failures and success stories.

The Sisters and Brothers who are selected to attend these conferences have shown a desire to be part of the Labor Movement. They have already sacrificed their time and energy to make our Union better by participating in committees. The 2022 YALL Summit attendees serve on the Committee on Political Education (COPE), the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus (EWMC), Reach out and Engage the Next Generation of Electrical Workers (RENEW), Veteran’s Committee, and Women’s Committee.

I ask a few things for any 520 members who attend summits, workshops, conventions, and conferences.

#1 Learn something while you are having fun.

#2 Make contacts that will help you along your path in the Labor Movement.

#3 Bring back what you have learned and make your Union better.

We have our own reasons for joining our Union. Better wages, benefits, and working conditions are great reasons. Some people enjoy the Brotherhood. Some people take pride in being working class folk who toil and build the infrastructure that powers people’s lives. Some of us hear a calling to be part of something bigger.

This can be hard and rewarding work when you see the constructive difference you can make when working with other like-minded Sisters and Brothers. Please talk with me if you want to become more active in your Union and be a force of positive change.

In Solidarity, Kasey Lansangan,  Card No. 7865835