One of the advantages of being a member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 520 is job placement opportunities.
As a member of Local 520, you can choose from a list of contractors with available jobs posted on our website.

All Local 520 members have the ability to sign the “Out of Work” book when you are not working due to a lay-off, volunteer quit or termination for cause.

After signing the book, when work becomes available in the area, you will be put to work for a different contractor, who is lacking the manpower to meet the demands of their workload.

Starting September 1, 2022, our Dispatch Hours will be changing. Please refer to the new schedule below with any questions:

Online Dispatch: The 6:00AM deadline for submitting Online Post will remain the same.

In Person Dispatch: Day Sheets will be placed at 7:30 AM

In Person Dispatch: Roll Call will begin at 8:00 AM

In Person Dispatch: Referral Sign-in will begin again at 8:30 and remain open until 11:00 AM

Online Dispatch: Confirmation E-Mails will be sent out between 8:00 – 8:30 AM

Online Dispatch: Reply to E-Mail must be completed by 9:30 AM

Online Dispatch: Referrals Must be Picked up by 11:00 AM

Keywords for the Local 520 Dispatch process:

Out of workbook – The list for getting a job with a union contractor. If you are out of work, sign the books. If you’re number one then you get first choice of jobs available in your classification. If you’re number ten, then you may have to wait for numbers 1 – 9 to head out first. Not everyone takes a job right away, despite positioning on the books, so do not hesitate to show up for roll call or bid a job online.

Classification – Denotes your experience level and pay rate. You cannot take a job call outside your classification.

CE/Construction Electrician low – Entry level classification. If you are a CE 1 – 3 then you are considered to have entry level experience. You cannot take calls for JIWs, Mediums, or Highs.

CE/Construction Electrician Medium – Intermediate level classification. If you are a CE 4 – 6 then you are considered to have intermediate level experience. You cannot take calls for JIWs, Lows, or Highs.

CE/Construction Electrician High – Advanced level classification. If you are a CE 7 – 10 then you are considered to have advanced level experience. You cannot take calls for JIWs, Lows, or Mediums.

JIW – Journeyman Inside Wireman. You cannot take CE calls.

Job call – Taking a call, means you receive a work referral. This is how to become employed with a union contractor.

Regular call – A job that has a duration of more than 2 weeks. When you take a regular call, your name is removed from the out of workbook.

Short call – A job that will only last 2 weeks (80 hours) or less. You do not lose your position on the out of workbook if you take a short call.

Urine Analysis – A drug test

State License – Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation electrician license. Apprentice, journeyman, or master.

Code of Excellence – Must have taken the COE class at the Union Hall.

The following pages have information for you to adequately get back to work: