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Health Insurance

All members of Local 520, except for members classified as CW 1, are eligible for Health Insurance. The Health Insurance is part of your benefits package and is not deducted from your check.

Insurance Plans

We offer 3 plans. Your plan is based on your classification.

Plan A

Our top of the line plan offered to Journeymen, 5th-Year Apprentices and CEs 3 and 4, covers the entire family.

Plan B

This plan has slightly higher deductibles and reduced prescription coverage than Plan A. This is available to 2nd – 4th Year Apprentices, CWs 5 and 6 and CEs 1 and 2. This plan covers the entire family.

Plan C

This plan is offered to 1st Year Apprentices and CWs 2-4. There is a choice of single coverage or family coverage. The single coverage offers the same benefits as Plan B. The family coverage has higher deductibles but covers all dependents.

Insurance starts on the first day of the fifth month after you have joined or become eligible.

Once you get insurance, you have to work at least 140 hours a month to keep it up. Any hour over 140 goes into an “hour bank.” This hour bank keeps your coverage up if you are out of work or lose your job. You can store up to 420 hours in the hour bank. A full hour bank will keep your insurance going for 3 months without work.

Your insurance follows YOU. It is not tied to the contractor.

If you get laid off, then take another job with a union contractor right away, you will have no lapse in coverage.

For questions about the Health Insurance:

Call Southwest Service Administrators at 505-265-8422
or visit the website below