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How Do I get SBC’s?

The way you will get most of your Skill Based Credits (SBCs) is through on-the-job experience. As you work, you will turn in your hours monthly. You will be given SBC credit for every hour worked.

You are responsible for turning in your monthly hours. You can turn in your hours on the Austin Electrical Training Alliance website.

Classroom Training

SBCs are given for completion of each training class we offer. Here is the breakdown:



Conduit Bending 1 230
Blueprint Reading 280
Conduit Bending 2 230
Codeology 120
Basic Code 120
Conduit Bending 3 230
Grounding/Transformers 320 (120+200)
Services 200
Motor Control 280


In other words, a 24-hour pipe-bending class gives you the same number of SBCs as almost 3 months of on-the-job training! This is a great way to get your raises faster.