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IBEW Terms

7th District

The IBEW is divided into eleven districts covering all of the United States and Canada. Our Local is part of the 7th District which includes Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Our District is overseen by one of the International Vice Presidents. Certain policies are set by the 7th District leadership and are common among all of the Locals in the District.


American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations. The AFL-CIO is an organization that almost every union in America is affiliated with. We use our power as a group to fight for policies that help working people.


The legally binding contract that is collectively bargained between the union and the signatory contractors.


A member who has been accepted into our Registered Apprenticeship training program.

Bump Tickets

Any member of Local 520 can ask any other member to show his or her dues receipt as long as the member is willing to show their receipt in return. We do this to show our pride in our membership and to make sure that each of us is fulfilling our obligation to the IBEW.


The set of rules that our Local operates under. The bylaws include dues, rules for elections, salaries of officers and staff, etc.


A request for manpower from a contractor. An “open call” is a job that is available for a member to take.

Card Number

A member’s unique number identifying him or her as a member of the IBEW.


Council on Industrial Relations. This is a group of 6 IBEW Business Managers and 6 Contractors who decide on disputes between Locals and Employers from around the country.


Central Labor Council. This is the organization of all of the unions in Austin. The CLC meets once a month to help us support each other and make decisions about issues that affect all of us.

Collective Bargaining

Instead of bargaining with employers as individuals, union members bargain with employers as a group, giving them greater bargaining power.


Construction Electricians (CEs) are members who are not journeymen and are also not in our apprenticeship program. Their experience and training varies by person.

Death Benefit

Our death benefit is life insurance that pays out to a member’s family upon his or her passing. It is calculated at $7.50 times the number of active union members.


The Local 520 staff member responsible for connecting members with jobs.


Electrical Workers’ Minority Caucus. This is a committee that advocates for leadership and community involvement among groups that are under-represented in the union electrical industry.

Executive Board

The Union members elected to handle Union business outside of the monthly Union meeting. The Executive Board has all the powers of the membership. Their actions are reviewed and approved at each monthly meeting. They also act as a trial board if members have violated the IBEW Constitution or Bylaws.


A dispute between the Local and an employer that cannot be solved on the jobsite. A grievance is solved by a committee of 3 Union members and 3 contractors. If this committee cannot come to an agreement, the dispute is solved by a group of IBEW officials and contractors that hear cases from across the country.

Hiring Hall

Our “Hiring Hall” is our procedure for connecting members with jobs. This procedure makes sure that the members who have the first choice of jobs are the ones who have been out of work the longest.

IBEW Constitution

The document that describes how the IBEW is set up as an international organization and lists rules that apply to all members across the United States and Canada.


International Organization. This is the organization of the IBEW that supports Locals across the United States and Canada. It handles issues that affect the entire IBEW and is based in Washington, D.C.


Journeyman Inside Wireman. A member who has been certified by the IBEW as having Journey-level skills. For Local 520 members, this requires a State of Texas Journeyman’s license.


North America’s Building Trade Unions. This is the organization of all unions involved in the construction industry. NABTU has state and regional affiliates, our regional chapter is the Central Texas Building and Construction Trades Council.


National Electrical Benefit Fund. This is part of our pension.


National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB is the government agency that hears cases involving violations of labor laws.


The Local 520 staff member responsible for recruiting new members and unionizing the electrical industry.

Out-of-Work Book

The list of members who are available to work. The member who has been on the list the longest has the first choice of available jobs.


The Union member elected to chair union meetings, appoint members to committees, oversee union finances and enforce the IBEW Constitution.


The paperwork that shows that you have been offered and accepted a job with a union contractor. You are required to bring this paperwork to the contractor to start work.


Reach out and Engage Next-gen Electrical Workers. This committee represents the interests of Union members under 35. It is meant to help new members get involved with the IBEW.

Robert’s Rules of Order

The set of rules we use to conduct our meetings.

Sign the Book

Putting your name on the out-of-work list.


A member appointed by the Local 520 Business Manager to be the representative of the Union on the jobsite.

Swear in

To take the IBEW Obligation at a union meeting.


“Ticket” is another word for “dues receipt.” You are supposed to carry your dues receipt with you at all times.


The Local 520 member elected to oversee the Union’s finances.