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May President’s Report

May 12, 2022 | President, President's Corner, Recent News

Union Stewards are crucial to IBEW Local 520. Their service is often overlooked and underappreciated. They are hardworking Sisters & Brothers who make a positive difference in the lives of workers. What do Union Stewards do?

The Steward is the Business Manager’s representation on the job. Stewards work for our Union’s welfare, handle worksite issues and grievances, encourage Union membership, make sure Sisters & Brothers are paid up on their dues, uphold the Collective Bargaining Agreement, report any encroachment upon 520’s jurisdiction, oversee the equal distribution of overtime, and other duties assigned by the Business Manager.

Our Stewards are dedicated Sisters & Brothers who know the IBEW Constitution, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and our Local 520 Bylaws (or at least know how to navigate those documents). They have the responsibility of upholding those documents and encouraging the membership. The IBEW Construction Steward Manual lists their overall responsibilities as:

  • Communicate with the business manager.
  • Work for the Union’s welfare.
  • Respond promptly and decisively to all complaints, including those involving any form of harassment or discrimination.
  • Act as a model of fairness – treat everyone alike, regardless of race, creed, sex, age, or political belief.
  • Demonstrate quality craftsmanship – proper workmanship and efficient production are the strongest allies of the Union and the collective bargaining process.

Stewards know that we must uphold our CBA every day, otherwise, it is not worth the paper it is printed upon. Their areas of knowledge include jurisdiction, overtime, referral policy, picket lines and work stoppages, safety on the jobsite, ratio of journeymen to apprentices, harassment on the jobsite, accommodations for disabled employees, and more. Stewards file grievances and Unfair Labor Practices (ULP) when needed. Most situations never get elevated to that level. Local 520 Stewards take classes on how to handle issues before they escalate to the grievance level.

We have need for more qualified Stewards as our Local grows. Do you have what it takes to fight for workers’ rights? Are you able to resolve issues with a minimum amount of friction? Can you solve everyday problems using common sense? Do you treat people with fairness and respect? Do Sisters & Brothers ask your advice on Union matters already? Please contact Kasey Lansangan 512-815-1318 or [email protected] if you feel the calling to serve the greater good and want to become a Steward of your Union.

When you have the pleasure of working alongside one of our Stewards, please give him or her the respect they have earned. If you know a Steward is on your jobsite, introduce yourself and show your yellow ticket. Help them with their difficult job of looking after the welfare of Local 520. These courageous Sisters & Brothers have proven that they have our backs, we need to prove that we have our Stewards backs every step of the way.

In solidarity,

Kasey Lansangan