As an IBEW member, your yellow ticket is good anywhere in the United States and Canada. This allows you to take advantage of work opportunities.

There are many unwritten “rules of the road.” You should talk to a Brother or Sister who has experience traveling so that you understand how to conduct yourself when working in another Local.

At a minimum, you need to have the following before you leave Local 520:

1. Paid-Up Dues Receipt

No one wants to give an opportunity to a member from out-of-town who is not current on his or her obligations. Make sure you are current before you leave town.

2. Travel Letter

A travel letter is an official letter from Local 520 that verifies your classification and status as an IBEW Union member. Most Locals will not let you sign their out-of-work list without one.

3. ERTS Account

ERTS stands for Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System. By signing up for ERTS, you make sure that the payments that contractors in other areas make towards health insurance and retirement go to the right place to maintain your coverage and increase your retirement account. Failure to sign up for ERTS can mess up your insurance coverage.

Before you travel, it is important that you fill out paperwork at the Hall to get your account registered with the ERTS system and the Plan Administrator. If you are unable to come to the office, please call and we will email you the forms so that you can fill them out and get them back before traveling. Once you do this you are ready to work in another IBEW Local Union’s jursdiction.


You are generally unable to travel as an Apprentice. However, it is possible to work with the school to transfer your Apprenticeship to another Local if you need to relocate. It is vital that you follow the required steps if you want your transfer to go smoothly.

If you are an apprentice, do not relocate without contacting your Training Director!