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Local 520 Union Contract

The most important difference between working Union and working Open Shop is that you are now working under a CONTRACT, also known as an Agreement or CBA. Our Contract is a legally binding document signed by IBEW 520 of which you are a part, and by our contractors. It covers everything from wages and benefits, to overtime rules, to how our Hiring Hall works and to how our Apprenticeship is structured. The contract we have today is the product of over 130 years of negotiations between electricians and their employers. That is why we can’t take any of the rights our contract gives us for granted.

Here are the most useful parts of the Contract that answer most day-to-day questions:

Article I: Grievance Procedure
Article IV: Wages, Working Hours, Overtime, Shift Work, Layoff Procedure, Holidays
Article V: Work Rules, Crew Structure, Travel Time, Required Tools
Article VI: Rules for Apprentices
CW/CE MOU: Rules for CWs and CEs

Making Changes

Before the current contract ends, we will begin discussing what we want to do differently in our new contract. A group of Union members appointed by the IBEW 520 President will sit down with a group of Contractors to negotiate. Through these negotiations, a new contract is agreed upon and brought before the membership for ratification by a majority vote.

This contract is agreed upon by a consensus of the membership and the contractors. In a perfect world, everyone would agree what every word in the contract means and follow it to the letter every time. Words can be interpreted differently by different people. That is why we have a process in our contract to solve issues between the workers and the employers without disrupting our day-to-day work on the job.

You have a right to a copy of your Contract. You can get one at the Hall, or download below: